Your product or service may be ready to export, and your market may be ready to receive, but are you ready to process and ship orders?

Maybe you’ve been trading successfully with European countries for years. With Brexit looming, it is clear that compliance documentation is set to increase in volume.

If you left the house to go abroad on holiday without packing the right clothes, tickets and passport, you probably wouldn’t get very far. You wouldn’t have a very relaxing vacation if you made it to your destination either…

Preparing your systems and documentation for international trade can help to prevent last-minute snags and deal-breakers when you go to market. At best these will slow you down, at worst, you can lose valuable customers and/or incur unforeseen fees.

How can International Trade Matters Ltd help you?

Whether you’re just starting your journey, or ready to launch, our specialists are able to assess your processes and provide expertise to make exporting go as smoothly as possible.

Some of the compliance areas in which we can offer guidance:

  • Shipping and logistics
  • AE/AEO status
  • Import/Export tariff codes
  • Security and insurance
  • International law
  • Incoterms
  • …and much more…

To discuss International Trade Compliance with one of our specialists, contact us today