Your company is already selling well in the UK; you have sent a few orders to a groupage centre for a company in Turkey. You even sent some things over to France recently. Are you an exporter? You could take our quiz and see you how you might cope, or you might consider creating an export strategy, or you just might want some help with your documents, or...

Looking at a completed Export House will allow you to identify if you need help with any particular export building block. You may need a complete programme, in which case we can help plan this over a week, or over a period of single days, whatever suits you best. Getting your company up to export speed is what we do. Working with your key decision makers on a one to one basis right down to a one to many grass roots level.


The building blocks of the Export House

The Export House Building Block is available in discrete and separate modules or, as a whole programme.

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Download the Export House model as a .pdf HERE