Srishti Jain MSc (Hons), MCMI, MCQI

Srishti Jain MSc (Hons), MCMI, MCQI

Srishti Jain is a dynamic and forward-thinking professional, driven by her unwavering passion for patient well-being and a fervent commitment to elevating healthcare industry standards.  

With a robust background in life sciences and a wealth of knowledge, Srishti has emerged as an advocate for fostering growth, facilitating international trade, and propelling new businesses to success within the global pharmaceutical arena. She has a proven track record of skilfully managing diverse aspects of the business, driving success, reducing costs and streamlining processes for organisations, whilst ensuring high-quality standards are maintained throughout the supply chain. 

Her adeptness at navigating complex regulatory landscapes, coupled with her innate understanding of diverse cultural dynamics, has empowered numerous enterprises to successfully expand their operations across borders. Her expertise has allowed her to traverse the intricacies of drug development, clinical trials, and regulatory compliance with astute precision and has played a pivotal role in forging strategic alliances between pharmaceutical entities from different corners of the world (collaborating in different geographies including the EEA, USA, Australia, Middle East, China and India).

Srishti is relentless in her pursuit of business strategy optimisation, and highly experienced at navigating the intricate web of international pharmaceutical supply chain. Her efforts have accelerated the availability of life-saving medications to populations in need.  

Recognising the need for continuous improvement, she has taken on roles in collaborative forums, industry associations, and regulatory working groups like the CQI, CMI and has championed initiatives that promote transparency, integrity, and the highest ethical standards.  

In a rapidly evolving industry that spans continents, Srishti is committed to raising industry standards, promoting international trade, and nurturing emerging businesses. Her unparalleled dedication to creating a more interconnected and innovative pharmaceutical ecosystem positions her as a transformative force, ushering in a new era of global health and prosperity.