Rachel Stockton

Rachel Stockton

Rachel has over 25 years of experience covering all areas of customs compliance, importing and exporting regulations and procedures, ensuring clients operate legally and cost-efficiently.

She builds robust internal and external infrastructures from the ground up; addressing complex and often fluctuating regulatory requirements.

During her career, Rachel has exported and imported goods across the world including Asia, USA, Australia, Europe and many other countries covering most types of commodity.

Rachel was engaged by the Institute of Export and International Trade (IOEIT), working as Director of Special Projects. During this time she has worked with numerous UK companies helping them prepare for Brexit by utilising customs special procedures to limit the impact of the regulatory changes and helping reduce the fiscal impact they may face. Working with the IOEIT and Fujitsu Ltd, she assisted in the development and roll-out of the Trader Support Service (TSS) on behalf of HMRC. TSS aids businesses to trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Rachel works directly with UK and international businesses covering:

  • Implement strategies for importing and exporting
  • Customs compliance
  • Advising and helping to implement the use of Rules of Origin
  • Incoterms 2020 International Chamber of Commerce Certified Trainer
  • Application, preparation and implementation of Customs Special Procedures
    • Inward Processing
    • Customs Warehousing
    • Outward Processing
    • Temporary Admission
  • Commodity code assessment and advisement
  • Customs audits
  • AEO applications and preparation
  • Carbon footprint reductions through stock and container consolidation

Previously, Rachel worked as Head of Imports, Customs & Compliance for global retailer Frasers Group, a FTSE 100 business. She established the import, export, and customs department, creating the systems and processes to ensure compliance, and collaborated with subsidiaries and partner businesses to ensure a uniform working and reporting approach. She also managed the consolidation of all trade operations across the international business including the UK, Europe, Republic of Ireland and the rest of the world.