Peter Cashin

Peter Cashin

Peter has held a number of senior positions in the Health Care sector for more than 25 years.

An engineer by training he became Managing Director of UK and German based companies. After periods in manufacturing management, he became Commercial Director and then Managing Director, where he focussed on portfolio and geographic business growth where 75% of revenues came from outside of the UK. 

Peter provides first-hand expertise in the development of global routes to market.

Prior to working in the healthcare sector, he sold electronic sensors into heavy industry in UK, EU, USA. He then moved into roles in manufacturing, establishing a brown field site which became the centre of excellence for R&D and medtech devices. 

Sales and marketing were a key element in the business development and international trade was a key element. He helped establish offices in Germany, USA, Latin America and Singapore which were used to service a global distribution network covering 38 countries.

 Peter provides experience in: 

  • Sales and market development
  • Subsidiary management 
  • Office development 
  • Distribution management 
  • Quality and regulatory demands in the export world 
  • Risk management in the global market