Nick Patrick

Nick Patrick

From customs and regulatory compliance, to licensing, contracting and risk mitigation, Nick brings exceptional value to clients with his experience and understanding of the international trade process.

Besides his technical trade roles, Nick’s skills in global business development, sales and marketing enable him to gain a deep understanding of a company’s needs in any environment.

Having achieved a BSc at university as a sponsored student, Nicks first job was based in Cape Town led to a role as Southern African agent for a multinational UK Chemical Company. 4 years later, the Yorkshire-based company asked him to return to the UK to develop their global markets, spending many years travelling around the world finding suitable agents, distributors and business partners in all manufacturing regions of the world.

In 1996 he started a business which involved manufacturing under licence for a European PLC.  The factory, based in the Middle-East, manufactured processing chemicals for a range of manufacturing sectors. Sales were expanded globally and his main role was to overview the manufacturing process from a technical angle, but also was responsible for global sales, marketing and shipping.

Nick has been involved with the International Trade Centre in Sheffield since 2013 and draws upon his global business development experience to help companies in all aspects of international trade, importing and exporting. For the last 8 years he has focused on global customs compliance, Customs authorisations such as AEO, AES, Customs Warehousing, IPR, import and export declarations etc. 

He is a speaker at international trade events and often is found in lecture theatres of universities and colleges talking about the practicalities of importing and exporting from setting up contractual agreements, pricing, risk and compliance. 

In 2019 he successfully steered the international trade centre to AEO accreditation and has help several large companies to become Authorised Economic operators.