David Bone

David Bone

David is a multi award winning SME leader with 20 years of practical export experience within physical, digital and service-based products.

As Sage Daily Telegraph Small Business Leader of the Year he led his engineering business through sustained international growth, winning the Queens Award for Exporting, Parcelforce Small Exporter of the Year, and a few other regional awards along the way.

David specialises in international business development – the creation and implementation of sustainable strategies, business modelling and channel management. Maximising business potential whilst minimising risk.

His training and coaching business, ExportSavvy, has delivered highly acclaimed strategic support to over 17,000 UK SME’s over the last 5 years.

“The exciting thing about leading an SME is that there are no rules – well there are of course statutory things that you need to meet, but from a business development perspective, you can pretty much do what you want – and everyone does it a little bit differently.  My role is to help SME leaders to take all of those great ideas in their heads, and apply them to their business to deliver the best sustainable returns.  I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with the high calibre team at International Trade Matters, who can provide so much specialist support.”

David is a Chartered Director with and a Fellow of the IoD.