Achieving recovery, growth and internationalisation; introducing Export READY

Achieving recovery, growth and internationalisation; introducing Export READY

A business needs customers, and to be sustainable it requires new customers as well as the retention of existing customers.

Expanding sales beyond domestic boundaries is often the key to successful growth, but approaching and maintaining overseas markets comes with its own set of challenges. At time of writing, the UK is just emerging from lockdown whilst unravelling the consequences of Brexit. All of this amidst a Trade War between USA and China. The only thing that anyone can predict right now is that uncertainty is set to continue for some considerable time. Those businesses who acknowledge the need to understand and invest in preparing a resilient strategy will undoubtedly be best placed to emerge in a strong position and be equipped to survive well into the future.


Export READY uses proven strategic tools such as Sensemaking as building blocks to enable in-depth analysis and development of flexible, resilient teams and resources, combined with a wealth of international trade expertise to create winning strategies.

“Sense-making” according to Prof. Deborah Ancona of the MIT Sloan School of Management, “refers to how we structure the unknown so as to be able to act in it.”

Export READY enables leadership to adapt in this fast-paced trading environment, responding to geopolitical and geo-economic forces to optimise engagement and avoid disruptions and barriers. It encourages leaders to let go of existing models and embrace the seismic shifts in trade and customer expectations. It is a new way of being more adaptive and creating a springboard for growth by encouraging nimble teams and players fully aligned and supportive of the aims of the company.


Developing an architectural model allows Leaders to manage in times of volatility and uncertainty. The one-page Visual Management tool outlines current state, overlaid with future state and matched against the global context.  Being able to distribute leadership by matching specific skills to specific challenges enables the whole team to avoid problems by taking advantage of or avoiding risk.

Collective learning helps to energise teams and develop cohesive vision throughout your organisation, increasing collaborative input and efficiencies.


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Learn more about Export READY HERE or get in touch with Export READY Lead, Linda Middleton-Jones below to find out how you can establish a resilience and market growth strategy for your business.

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