After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Metallurgy from Sheffield University and spending two years in basic steelmaking with Guest Keen, Tony spent the next 42 years in the international speciality chemicals arena

Tony-parry-india-specialist-export-asiaworking in divisions of transnational blue chip companies such as GKN, Burmah Castrol, ICI, Henkel AG & Co KgaA of Düsseldorf, in manufacturing operations at Board level in Mexico, UK, Europe, Japan and Korea, where he started the UK’s first manufacturing JV. He has also worked in Venezuela, India, Russia, Turkey, Central America/Caribbean, Western Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, and South Africa.

Tony has broad experience of running businesses at home and abroad in the following skills areas including team management and motivation as leader/advisor in international SME scale technically based manufacturing enterprises, product innovation and new product appraisal and awareness programmes, career planning, alliance building, JV studies, and brand and private label manufacture.

Starting in 1969, Tony has worked with industry in India to the present date and taken the Acheson division of ICI (now Henkel) from initial market penetration with exports through local agents and distributors in all the metro centres of India to a local manufacturing presence under the umbrellas of ICI India to start with, and then within Henkel India. The sales team was a mix of Acheson’s own reps, and local distributors. Currently he is Director Europe, Aamsel Impex Pvt. Ltd. (India),(a small engineering company in Pune), and a Member of the United Kingdom India Business Council (UKIBC)

He spent five and a half years as MD of a two site manufacturing/sales operation in Mexico with territory responsibility for Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. He was also a non-exec. director of the Venezuelan operation in this period.

From a Kobe, Japan, regional headquarters, Tony researched the market in South Korea with the local agent, and established a manufacturing/sales joint venture in Seoul, in the early seventies, becoming the first MD of the operation and achieving profitability in month ten after start up. He was also involved with sales in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, and South Vietnam. Subsequently, he became a member of the Korea Trade Advisory Group (KTAG) of the then DTI under the Chairmanship of George Turnbull, who grassrooted  Hyundai Motors in the ROK, (and subsequently Iran Khodro, Iran’s state car maker, in Tehran.)

He represents manufacturing on the Devon and Cornwall Business Council (DCBC) Board.

His interests are UK/India bilateral trade development, ALM manufacturing, reshoring, vocational education, Graphene and carbon fibre, Russia, and Turkey.

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