Sorin began his career as an engineer in hydrotechnical construction for the Romanian Government

SORIN-andrei-GINJ-trade-specialist-export-import-business-romaniaProgressing into the international business environment, he built up 20 years of experience managing companies in the production sector, services, construction, and international trading of commodities with Canada and in particular with the Eastern European countries.

Sorin has managed acquisitions for several companies, specialising in raw materials and equipment, and negotiating terms and conditions of contracts. Sorin has gained particular expertise in organising the logistics, working with the complexities of different custom offices in different countries, managing relations with banks, networking and presenting at international business fairs in Milan, Cologne, Thessaloniki, Frankfurt, New York and many others.

Trading experience in:

  • Fuel
  • Biofuel (OMW, Luk Oil, Bullmarket)
  • Grains (Greenfield)
  • Animal feed
  • Industrial equipment (Amut, Rothenburg, Buttenfield, Rotox)
  • Raw materials (Buyer, Shell)
  • Wood
  • Ore
  • Construction materials (Deceuninck)
  • Water and sewage distribution materials
  • Specialist furniture for banks such as vaults (Tiriac Bank, Dacia Felix, Romexterra, BCR)
  • Plastics and many others products.

Sorin has expertise of negotiating and securing tenders and bids at auctions for construction materials and furnishing parts for companies, such as the Romanian national distributor of energy Electrica and Eon. Further to this Sorin is an experienced consultant for newly established companies and can advise and provide guidance from concept to production.

As Sorin is well-travelled he knows the business mentality in Eastern Europe, as well as the commercial systems in these countries. With a lifetime of experience as a commercial broker in Eastern Europe, Sorin has built an extensive list of business contacts, and business and trading connections with Romania, Bulgaria, Belgium, Italy, USA, Serbia, Hungary, Moldavia and Germany. Along with this Sorin speak several languages including English, Romanian, Italian, Hungarian, and German.


  • Engineering Diploma
  • Import-export management level 5
  • Supply chain management level 5
  • Shipping management level 5
  • Strategic management MBA
  • Member of MIEx